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1939 bungalow transformation


Full Service Interior Design Project. Help refine our client's eclectic design style. Client asked us to consider that the finish styling should be comfortable, modern and artful, all while being cohesive with the minimal pre-war architecture. Client wanted to entertain and asked us to develop a smart floorplan that could expand for larger groups of people.

living room 


The challenges were to furnish narrow rectangular rooms (typical of older homes), while maintaining traffic flow between original front living room and rear media room addition. The back yard and pool view was expanded by opening up the rear interior wall and adding single lite French doors. Our design could not block this visual enhancement.


Issue solved by reinventing the original formal living room into a chic lounge area. In this space the fireplace was already the natural visual anchor but this room did not have much relevance during warmer months. We decided to visually expand the space and purpose by installing energizing diptych art originals custom made by Hector Romero for this client. Another art find was the charming vintage brass alpaca that fit perfectly on the narrow fireplace.


A pair of blue velvet swivel chairs placed on the space-defining quilted rug punctuate the room. This intimate conversational seating simultaneously allows comfortable enjoyment of both art and hearth. These chairs can also be directed to media room for larger group gatherings or watching tv. This small space will also expand in seating by using the large leather and iron bench.

media room

In order to preserve the indoor-outdoor feel, we placed the sofa on one wall with the entertainment furniture opposite. The casual wood and jute coffee tables and the sculptural acrylic chair cushioned with a 70's pop inspired fabric are placed in such a way as to maintain a conversational, functional group while still fostering an open feel that preserves the views to the back gardens.


We procured original vintage photography and had them framed in a simple black studio frames. The photography was further enhanced by placing them on an installed black ledge. Photography features fashion designer Halston, actress - model Angelica Houston, Pat Ast - actress in Andy Worhal movies and other friends in the day.


Opposite wall features our custom designed entertainment cabinet hand crafted by a local artist. It was painted white with durable automotive paint and the floating appearance is achieved by clear acrylic legs. The round door hardware is also acrylic for a mod look. This cabinet hides all the technology and has plenty of concealed storage.


The commercial shelving system was brought to life with books, vintage mid-century Italian pottery and other collectables from the 50"s, 60's and 70's. a great find is the carved wood hand giving the "we're number one" sign.  

dining room 


In this area, we procured some interesting items to continue this eclectic design. By mixing modern, rustic and Asian inspired furnishing we created an upbeat and inviting place to have dinner or just sit around the table. We added a new fashionable gold leaf bar cart to service drinks or double as a serving companion for dining. Since wall space was limited, the art had to be engaging, without overpowering the space.


Art includes a really wonderful canvas and oil we found by noted artist Ralph Costantino who lived in Houston during the 60's and 70's. Another art piece is a metal sculpture the client had, but was not too fond of until we discovered a perfect placement in the dining area which is also the first wall you see as you walk in the home. The white wood art chair was also created by a local artist.

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