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 wall covering design  

designers hector romero + chris obeji are relevant to market demands through their inspired developments and 18 years’ experience as wallcovering, home product, and interior designers. They are continually discovering and working with new and varied mediums which they utilize to create textures that compel to-touch or artistry techniques making you wonder, how was that done? As a provocative colorist, r+o not only follows complex color trends but is also gifted in forecasting and establishing such trends.


Hector + Chris will physically create exclusive handcrafted wallcovering designs and full-scale prototypes of concepts and develop them through to demonstrate high-quality production capability. They will furthermore teach manufacturer artisans in order to ensure success. Many designs can be converted into manufactured or printed goods. Products can be specified in residential, hospitality, and LEED projects.

Services offered internationally.



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run time: 4:30 min

body of work focusing on

handcrafted wall treatments

designed by interior designers artists hector romero + chris obeji



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