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before the agreement is established

does r + o charge to do a preliminary evaluation of the project?

We offer a courtesy initial meeting! Hector + Chris are glad to visit you in person, see your project, and discuss both the creative and business aspects of working together. We take appointments 7 days a week and have no problem meeting in the evenings.


what services do you offer?


  • Interior Design

  • Space planning  

  • interior Decoration 

  • Interior Architectural ​Design

  • Design Finish Selections​​

  • Custom Furnishings - Built-Ins​

  • Lighting Plans​

  • Custom Window + Wall Treatments

  • Household Organization

  • Eco Living

  • Landscape Architecture + Design

  • ​Project Management Residential Renovation / New Construction

does r + o work with various design styles?
We have extensive knowledge in all design genres, traditional to modern, and anything in between. We are also versed in various lifestyles - from suburban to urban and work well with many international clients.

am i able to incorporate some of my own ideas, furnishings, and color preferences?

During the design process clients are involved as much or as little as they request.

is r + o able to work nationally or internationally?

Although we are located and mostly service Southen California, our projects have mobilized our design team to many locations in the US and abroad.

how does r + o determine my design?

After the preliminary meeting, r + o will evaluate the scope of work you require to obtain a professional result. This includes information such as square footage, timeline, difficulty, level of result expectation, lifestyle, and design style. 

how do your rates compare to other design firms?

We know our design and procurement fees are competitive because our 15-year experience translates to efficiency, which reduces the time required by designers to complete a project. Also, our technology-driven administrative process helps minimize overhead which in turn helps us offer more value without compromise. 


does r + o markup purchased furnishings, materials, and services?

Yes, as customary, we make a profit on such purchases, however, the advantage you realize by working with r + o is due to our overall annual buying volume and being in excellent standings with exclusive vendors, manufacturers, and contractors, we have earned the best wholesale - design professional discounts offered, which in turn provides you top value, quality furnishings, and unique styling. on the average client project procurement pricing normally lands at true retail on sale - without having to lift a finger! 


does r + o have a minimum required to render design service?

Yes, however, each project presented to r + o will be considered. To obtain a professional result, design fees and procurement minimums are adjusted and determined on a case by case basis. We may also offer our service as consultants for smaller projects which are billed by a standard hourly rate.

are there any other fees?

Yes, if your project requires the service of an interior architect to CAD design (computer-aided design) architectural details, i.e. cabinetry, lighting plan, surface materials, interior structural details, or modifications. This service is pre-approved by the client and calculated by a standard hourly rate. Clients are usually surprised by the true value of this service. If required, structural architecture, engineering, as-built shop drawings by subcontractors, drafting, printing, city plan check fees, and building permits are billed separately as outside consultants. 

You will also be billed for client approved services for receiving, inspection, storage, delivery, and installation fees for furnishings and materials handled by our professional warehouse. Also billed are additional client approved specialty furnishings and installation for valuable antiques, art, and lighting fixtures. ​

after the agreement is confirmed 


how long after I confirm agreements will my presentation occur?

Your full design presentation timing is based on the scope and size of the project and the client's requested timeline. This schedule will be confirmed after the full project scope is determined. Generally, 2 to 6 weeks. One must remember this is a vital creative process and should not be hurried to get the best results.

Projects requiring renovation, restoration, or new construction and requiring design concepts to mobilize, r + o will address these issues first as a priority. These concepts will be presented earlier and separate from the interior design presentation. r + o designers will always communicate with you. You can expect a call from our designers within a few days of agreement confirmation to open dialog, set up meetings, etc.


how many revisions am i allowed once i am presented with the initial design plan?

The design plan is not executed until the extensive gathering of information about the client and the project. We are highly trained to collect this information to make sure we fully understand what the client wants. We normally satisfy our clients after 1 or 2 revisions. If there are further revisions required during this design phase, we are more than willing to satisfy the client.


when will i make my payments?
Once your project agreement is signed you will be billed and asked to pay the client pre-approved design fee upfront. Once the design fee is paid r + o will be retained and your project will be scheduled. Client approved Interior Architectural Services if required, are billed monthly. All other outside consultants, contractors will be due upon receipt or by their required terms.

Furnishings and materials procurement initial payment is due after you approve the design plan. The next payment will be due approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the date orders have been placed to pay vendors and manufacturers to release and ship furnishings and materials purchased for the client. r + o will ask clients to establish an account by prepaying estimated costs to minimize administrative work and so they are not frequently writing checks or sending funds to pay for ready to ship furnishings. Some vendors require payment in full for in-stock items before release. r + o will advise you before order placement.


After installation, you will be billed for the final balance due to furnishings and materials, delivery, and installation.

Any additional client-approved work outside the scope of the project will be charged on an hourly basis and billed accordingly. r + o excepts all forms of payments.


what will be required by me during installation? 
During installation, we usually ask that you leave the project for the time it takes to do the installation and deliver to you a beautifully transformed space. When you return to your home for the big reveal, you will experience all the surprises and delight of seeing your newly transformed home.


complete details about your relationship with r+o will be included in your individual agreement.

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