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manhattan beach 


Full Interior Design Service. Raise the level of interior furnishings in a new urban 3 story town home. Client so busy with intense career and wanted a stress-free experience by her designer. Kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom and home office. 

the best parts

At first this client was cautious, which is normal and expressed that with her career, she could only work with a designer with self-initiative and able to work around her busy schedule. She also had an idea of her level of expectation, but her budget did not match. Once we discovered the discrepancy, she realized she did not want to compromise on quality of furnishings or rooms to be completed so she promptly adjusted her budget which allowed us to move forward without delay. 
Client made thoughtful logical decisions with us and appreciated our direction. When this project was complete, she was excited to entertain her colleagues and friends in a home that truly represented her professional level and her international taste. Everything looked naturally collected over time instead of a staged look, exactly what the doctor ordered. 

living room  

We wanted this space to offer modern lounging and comfortable tv watching. We custom designed a sectional sofa and floated it in the room to provide substantial seating as well as good traffic flow. We did not want the tv to be the focal point, so we installed a modern metal hanging art piece to animate the space. The entertainment system sits on a long low modern white painted wood cabinet that provides storage space, accommodates technology and hides wiring. A modern rocking chair was selected to give the room a pop with 60's inspired hand painted fabric. Sitting next to the chair is a teak side table adding an organic element which warms things up. The cocktail table is iron with a Carrera marble top that can have feet kicked up on for casual living. Low shag bamboo and silk rug under table to give a cozy feel. Accessories include: plaster shark, books and a vintage parking meter. Art: tryptic by local artist. Boom swing arm lamp for ambiance or reading.     

dining room and kitchen

Our client and her partner live alone, but wanted a dining space that expanded for guests. There was a request to have a side board that could possibly double as a bar.

We ordered an Italian metal extendable table with a white etched glass top that seats up to 10. The self-contained table easily opens and closes. Dining chairs are made of extremely durable polypropylene and are stackable. A server was installed that provided storage, service work top and shelving for barware and fit perfectly in the pre-existing niche. As a finishing touch, a white see through sculptural pendant light creatively sets the tone while allowing view of an original oil painting commissioned for this project by a local artist. This art piece brings passion that truly represents our client perfectly. 


kitchen island 

This transformation required less seating than our client had originally. We also found a design of counter chairs that were made of iron with Sunbrella fabric for easy cleaning. We liked the soft gilded finish. We re-organized this area to allow space for a porcelain Moroccan bust to give the space something to focus on other than appliances and cabinets. Also, by adding sculptural art, this created a more fluent dialogue with the adjacent dining room and living room.  


master bedroom and vanity 

​The client was living with furniture from a time long, long, ago. This transformation was all about elevating everything while maintaining our restrained styling approach and staying within budget. We wanted this room to be warm and inviting for both a man and woman. It had to be elegant but casual, and we wanted to give some sophistication to the space with a custom built in wall unit that would be a functional anchor for this room. We filled the shelves with collectibles from around the world to give an international flair. Cotton hangings were incorporated to the design for a softening effect and to give the room some height. Lastly a simple drum pendant to provide warm dimmable lighting. 



We updated this area with a bone inlaid table that was a proper scale for the space. The Moorish mirror was simply leaned against the wall behind the table for a more urban look and we brought in a modern Italian swivel chair.    


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