If you want to completely glam out- here’s a crystal quartz slab. Kinda spectacular. I bet the price would be as well. But, oh, so beautiful! Photo credit:

Quartzite vs Quartz

Now, talking about counter and surfacing materials in general - we have to sta...

March 25, 2018

Being in the business we love to check out other examples of high end interior design. When you visit a model home, sit down for minute, just stop ,and look around, it’s really not your home, it’s like the home of that perfect friend of yours, you know the one, you go...

2017 r + o creative options for residential foyer's - entry way.

Streamline Moderne was a very influential architectural and industrial style of design that was a visible reaction to the somber mood of the western world following the stock market crash of 1922. Where Art Deco is a upward fountain of geometric angles and exotic mater...

Seeing this photo, you’d imagine this to be found in some small Spanish village, but we recently went to a brunch at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. A lot of SoCal people have never heard of this unusual place, let alone have made the trip out to see it.The first tim...

We compare 2 mid-century kitchens.

The words renovation or restoration are terms frequently and often interchangeably even though their true meanings are quite different. 

Renovation: the act of taking something existing and improving it to look new again

Of the two, this...

Hector Romeo Design and friends hit some outstanding LA design shops recently. More like institutions- these places are so totally inspiring for their collectio

Art Deco has been on my mind recently-I’ve noticed it getting some play in current interior design, it is also one of the first architectural and design styles  I was first attracted to when I was very young- it definitely was resurfacing around in the 1970’s and early...

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what's up with counter top materials 2018?

May 3, 2018

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