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palm springs
Home designed and built by romero & obeji interior design.
2017 H&M Loves Coachella – Clothing Campaign filmed at our desert project. Featured at the bottom of this story. 



Full Service Interior and Exterior Design & New Construction Management. Hire and work with architect to establish complete design. Hire qualified builder who understood the complex building system using steel, block and glass. Hire and work with landscape architect to develop a design that was modern but transitioned to the natural desert environment and drought tolerant, including outdoor lighting. Select and determine applications of all exterior and interior surfacing materials including roof, hardscape, pool design and water features. Interior architecture, design all built in cabinetry, determine lighting locations and trim details. Select glass door systems, interior doors and all trim details. select all interior and exterior paint colors and sheen details. Design and custom color custom imported terrazzo flooring with manufacturer and specify other uses of same materials in all bath and shower areas. Interior design home with a retro vibe. Selecting vintage furnishing from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and mixing in current items. 

from the ground up

Having in-depth experience in building and renovating homes, interior designers Hector Romero and Chris Obeji oversaw every aspect of this project to make sure all design and construction details were being executed in the highest level required to create this architectural masterpiece. This home has been recognized by Palm Springs architectural committee as a significant contribution to the inventory of vintage and new residential modern homes in Palm Springs California. 

exterior details

Project located in a natural valley in the desert foothills of the San Jacinto mountain range. The house was positioned on west side of the lot to be as close to the mountains to break the enduring sun especially in the hot summer afternoons. The rear of the home which is pool side was due south for privacy and to capture the noon sun while enjoying panoramic views all year long. The landscape design embraced indigenous desert vegetation that was planted in grids to bring a modern look as you get close to the home and a loose natural installation as you progress out to the hillsides.

eclectic retro vibe interiors

After the design and construction of this architecturally significant home, interior designers Hector Romero and Chris Obeji furnished the home with vintage collectables. This direction was time consuming because the sourcing of truly authentic and quality accessories, furnishings and art had to be carefully resourced through vintage and antique shops in Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Diego, California.

H&M Clothing Campaign

filmed at this Palm Springs home

designed and built by romero & obeji.

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