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urban inspired


I was introduced to urban art in 2000 by designer christopher obeji. He had a few pieces in his home that were literally from ghetto's in san francisco. I now appreciate graffiti art and have incorporated that certain rawness into my design aesthetic. Nothing better than to add a little shock value to your living space. In 2008 we hired local street artist chich zamora to paint a wall mural that was 100' long in our modern home.

Urban art is not for everyone and I have to admit tagging public spaces still bugs me, but many artists that began expressing their passion on public spaces have made it big and truly influenced contemporary urban art. I hope it doesn’t become so main stream that all the important social messages get overlooked. Check out this website that will keep you informend about the urban scene.


by artist-designer hector romero

48'' sq. birch panel

textural graphic cubism with urban


romero + obeji interior design

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