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everyone is doing it...

but does that make it right?

Our 2015 color forecast is official “color is the new black”. from interiors in california to runways in new york, bright bold colors continue to dominate everything!

Second in line are all the dark rich tones like evening blue and rich plums that we all have wanted to paint a wall or room, but have been afraid to try. We are seeing these bold colors change right before our eyes and are now being marketed with their ferocity tamed by simply reducing pigment and making them less intense. We like this for interiors because these colors are now able to go with just about anything which gives us designers more options when creating a design plan and offers clients new ways to express themselves.

Let’s talk about gray, we have loved it for about 5 years and it became a powerhouse in the last few years, but has it seen brighter days?

We don’t think so, but it has been reinvented and it has taken the back seat to color. In interior design and fashion it’s become a perfect way to tame down those bright colors by using it as an accent. Our favorite secret is to mix a bit of gray to one of your choice colors and watch a rich complex color appear right before your eyes. Gray is now looking softer and cleaner than ever as it is now being re promoted for 2015 like it’s something brand new. Check out any color futures predictions by any major paint company or even fashion trends and you will see what we mean.

Our prediction for 2016 is that we start seeing more complex colors derived from bright color and grays. in the meantime remember, picking a color to have in your environment is like picking friends, the ones that make you happy are the ones right for you.

follow link to read and see what my go to authority, pantone, has reviled about 2015 in elle decor

photo and collage courtesy of global color reasearch, uk

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