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the dog did what on the rug?

interior design project by Hector Romero Interior Design Houston Texas

photo: latest project by romero + obeji interior design, rice village, houston, texas

There are literally endless options for rugs today. the art of rug making either by hand or machine can be followed back through history. We have been re invigorated by some of the newest designs and the newest techniques available in all price ranges. We particularly like to use rugs to define space in larger rooms or in areas where we want to create intimacy. There is nothing cozier than kicking off your shoes and feeling the sensation of putting your tired dogs on a beautiful rug. It seems like a crime to walk on a great rug and you can’t help to feel a bit spoiled.

Most people are not too knowledgeable about rugs and what defines one from the other. For us, when we do specify a rug the choice of a handmade wool or silk rug or a machine made polyester rug will obviously be primarily dictated by the project budget. The good news is that no matter what the budget is, a great rug can be found.

how practical is an expensive rug?

We find that whatever level of rug you end up with you must always consider the practical purposes first. We know a colleague who has this expensive beautiful handmade white silk and wool rug that was damaged in one dog vomit instant. Turns out that this particular rug has materials in it that is actually known to encourage pets to use it for their business. After the re dying repair, pickup and delivery bill came back in the thousands of dollars range, we more realized that when we specify an expensive rug for a client it is my job to also talk about lifestyle issues and potential maintenance costs to make sure the rug and the client are a match. Also many of these expensive rugs use natural vegetable dies that are not UV friendly so fading will occur.

Now it might sound that we are not a fan of expensive rugs which is far from the truth, but since we are also practical by nature. We have no problem with rugs that are machine made with more durable materials to get the job done.

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