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streamline moderne or art deco?

Streamline Moderne was a very influential architectural and industrial style of design that was a visible reaction to the somber mood of the western world following the stock market crash of 1922. Where Art Deco is a upward fountain of geometric angles and exotic materials like this five story apartment building.

This Long Beach Ca. Streamline Modern was a beautiful celebration of speed, transportation and the machine made. It was perhaps a longing to get away from where one was- preferably via the new elegant trains and transatlantic liners whose basic elements became the universal visual language from which this entire style was based. You may recognize this home from TV series Dextor.

Above, interior Designer Hector Romero at the long Beach Airport… today! Thankfully airport maintained its Moderne glory - horizontal window mullions that extend past the window frames and iron ship rail on the roof all underline the themes of movement and speed. Photo by romero + obeji interior design

Raymond Loewy with his Pennsylvania Railroad

Photo- Wikipedia

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