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When chris obeji and I moved to Houston we found this cool new apartment building mirabeau b on waugh dr. the building is modern, industrial and chic all in one. the occupants eventually became this interesting mix of professionals including a geologist, pr person, doctor, gas & oil folks and us creative types.

We were the 3rd occupant in an upscale 14 unit complex. the building was so new they had not finished the courtyard area but had plans to finish and of course chris and I mentioned that we would love to be part of the development and design of this space. the next thing you know we were hired and were in the middle of making sure this debut project in Houston would be so cool and different that it would firmly announce that romero + obeji interior design had arrived in Houston and ready to be part of the re vitalization that is happening all over this city especially the Houston "inner loop."

read complete details and see before and after pic's

romero + obeji interior design

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