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antiquing in los angeles

romero + obeji and friends hit some outstanding LA design shops recently. More like institutions- these places are so totally inspiring for their collections of world class design pieces. I’m embarrassed to say it was Hector Romero Design first visit to JF Chen which has been showcasing pretty incredible vintage furniture and the like for 40 years. Mr. Joel Chen himself very kindly greeted us and we got to meet his really nice daughter as well.

Look at this insane desk – you never see hand carved wood look so light and minimal. It’s like George Jetson meets Ansel Adams- and they win 10 points for dancing beautifully together.

OK- this awesome credenza- you would think- 70’s brutalist? Right? (I admit- I did)

But no! This is a contemporary piece-2014, work of art I would say, by James Bearden - made of steel enamel and slate. Love it! Just please don’t make me move it.

We also went to Blackman Cruz, I will confidently say it’s one of my favorite Collection/designers shop in the states. Adam Blackman and David Cruz have a dark sense of humor in their design sensibility which I love - it's evident by their gorgeous collection of quirky and moody pieces.

Will you look at this bronze and crystal chandelier?

This is all the light I will ever need, ever. Just this one, I promise. I tried to stuff it in my back pack, but the giant hand blown crystal spikes kept poking through the bag.

Polished brass bunching tables with inlaid hand blown glass discs in the most beautiful blue.

They had so many exciting pieces. The finishes, the techniques – the proportions- all spot on. We went to a few other fantastic places as well- saving that for another blog posting.

Know you know- my birthday is in November- anything above would make a wonderful gift. Just a thought.


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