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1916 Historic Spanish

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 History Preserved 

This Historic Downtown home in Riverside, California holds an important position noted in old local newspaper articles as the first residence to be built starting 1914 and completed in 1916 in the new Larchwood Tract Development.


Fast forward this 108 year-old neighborhood is now affectionately known as “The Wood Streets” located close to historic downtown and The Mission Inn. A big part of the charm of this soft urban enclave are the large old trees that line streets appropriately named after different species of wood. These custom homes are mixes of old varied architectural styles including Craftsman, Tudor, Spanish Revival, Victorian, and Mission Revival. This neighborhood has miraculously stayed intact as there are no modern homes, apartments, or multi-level mcmansions.


"In this house we dance, we love, we forgive, and we smile."

This home is a mix of architectural styles. Romero + Obeji discovered that noted Riverside Architect Wilmer P. Lamar started designing this home about late 1913. Documents describe it as a Spanish or Castilian style home. Spanish Revival was not quite established in 1914, but Mission Revival, Italianate, and Craftsman were in vogue.​ 

Dining Room 

a functional space for everyday life.

Designers Hector and Chris describe the architectural influences expressed in this home exterior as Italianate for the symmetry and clay tile roof eyebrows, Mission Revival due to the modest parapet walls, flat roof and brick arched façade. Craftsman style for the high-quality paned wood casement windows and wood casing throughout the entire home. 

Media Lounge 

technology must be discrete in a traditional home. 

When this project came to Romero + Obeji, they put careful thought into which design direction to lean in to towards since the house is an architectural hybrid.

​In the 80's the house had been completely insensitively remodeled, not restored. The original craftsman cabinetry and built-in buffet had been removed and replaced with trendy red oak cabinetry and 80's subway tile. 


hidden function means great design.