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1939 Bungalow Eclectic

Interior Design


The client needed help refining her eclectic design style and wanted the new enhanced version to be less confusing visually, comfortable and artful. It also had to remain cohesive with the minimal pre-war architecture.

She wanted to entertain and asked Hector + Chris to develop floorplan that could expand for larger groups of people.

New + Vintage

 The home remained eclectic, Hector + Chris added a mixture of international new and vintage art and accessories.

They also placed original diptych art created by Hector Romero in the new designated lounge area.

The exterior was painted to transition to the new interior experience.

Lifestyle Experience

Hector + Chris added on a media/family room and modernized the existing spaces to enhance the client's lifestyle experience.

Lighting was upgraded and spaces were decluttered.

Thanks, M.D. for taking Hector + Chris's lead on issues that you were nervous about.

We are grateful to the design support team and contractors for pushing hard to get this done so quickly.​​​

Let's Get Started

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